Uttarakhand: Farmers worry as sugar mill is not crushing to full capacity

Doiwala, Uttarakhand: Sugarcane farmers are worried as the Doiwala sugar mill is not functioning fully to its capacity.

According to the news report published in Livehindustan.com, the technical glitches at the mill have reduced the cane crushing to 21,4342 quintals in the last 12 days. The daily cane crushing capacity of the mill is 25,000 quintal. If the situation continues, it will take more time for crushing all the cane grown in the region.

The mill began crushing operations 12 days ago. The farmers want to harvest cane and clear the fields to take up wheat sowing on a priority basis. They have asked mill to increase its crushing speed.

Mill management said that mill is facing problems due to technical issues and it has been sorted out. Soon mill will start crushing with full speed.


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