Uttarakhand: Government encouraging mills to produce ethanol


Dehradun, Uttarakhand: Sugarcane commissioner Hansa Dutt Pandey said that the government is encouraging the sugar mills to increase ethanol production. The government is focusing on increasing ethanol output as sugar production is more than demand.

He was speaking during his inspection visit to the Sugarcane Development Committee and Sugarcane Council.

According to the news report published in Amarujala.com, Pandey said that the recovery and the status of cane dues payment are better in Haridwar district compared with other districts in the state. Therefore, the area under sugarcane has increased by about five per cent in this season.

Sugar production is more than demand, therefore considering this the government is encouraging sugar mills to increase ethanol production along with sugar, he said.

Encouraged by the government’s scheme, Libberheri and Luxar sugar mills have set up ethanol plants. Iqbalpur sugar mill is also taking steps to set up an ethanol plant.

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