Uttarakhand: Heavy rains disrupt sugarcane sowing in Doiwala

Dehradun: Incessant rainfall has posed challenges for sugarcane farmers in the Doiwala region of Uttarakhand. Farmers have been forced to halt sugarcane sowing due to waterlogging in their fields, reported Amar Ujala.

Doiwala is known for its significant sugarcane production, with the proximity of a sugar mill and the crop’s status as a cash crop motivating farmers to prioritize its cultivation. The sowing is typically completed by February or March.

This year, the sugar mill has been planning an early closure of the current cane-crushing season. Two closure notices have already been issued, prompting farmers to expedite the sowing process. However, the recent two-day downpour has forced them to halt the activity. Waterlogging in the fields poses a risk of rotting for the sugarcane crop.

Farmers’ leader Manoj Nautiyal, President of the Doiwala Sugarcane Committee, has highlighted the challenges faced by farmers due to the heavy rains and the subsequent halt in sowing. He has also mentioned that discussions have been held with the mill authorities regarding the situation.


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