Uttarakhand: Turbine of sugar mill catches fire

Jaspur, Uttarakhand: Nandehi sugar mill suffered heavy loss due to an accident in which a turbine caught fire, reports Live Hindustan.

The fire brigade and the officials of the sugar mill managed to bring the fire under control which averted serious mishaps in the mill. It is expected that the mill would remain closed for 2-3 days for repair work.

The mill administration has asked farmers to not to send cane for the next 2-3 days.

According to officials, the incident happened at around 4 am when the employees increased the pressure to operate turbine no. 1. It suddenly caught fire due to pressure. The workers on the spot immediately cut the power supply which averted further damage and alerted the fire brigade. The fire brigade rushed to the spot in time and brought the fire under control.

The officials stated that it would take at least three days to repair the machinery and start crushing operations.


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