Vallicode Jaggery gains popularity ahead of Onam festival

Pathanamthitta: On the cusp of the Onam festival, sugarcane cultivators from Vallicode have introduced a unique product to the market – ‘Vallicode jaggery,’ as reported by The New Indian Express. Farmers residing along the banks of the Achankovil River are hopeful that this initiative will usher in a resurgence of better times for them.

In the region, jaggery producers have already sold over 5,000 kg of ‘pathiyan jaggery’ (semi-solid form) and are actively preparing an additional 1,000 kg for sale. The growing demand for Vallicode jaggery is proving to be an encouragement for local farmers to reengage in cane cultivation.

Renjith Kumar S, an agriculture officer, stated, “Vallicode jaggery used to be in high demand during the festive period. However, due to declining prices of jaggery, farmers incurred losses and gradually shifted towards rubber cultivation.”

In the current year, around 15 farmers have cultivated sugarcane across 15 acres, with financial support from the gram panchayat and Krishi Bhavan. Given the surge in demand, numerous farmers are now considering a return to cane cultivation.

A local farmer remarked, “Since 2018, we have been losing crops due to severe floods in the area. Surprisingly, sugarcane crops have demonstrated resilience even in the face of flooding, prompting us to embrace cane cultivation once again.”

Reflecting on the past, the farmer added, “Our village used to house 14 jaggery production units. We hold hope that those prosperous days will return as more farmers embrace cane cultivation once again.”


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