Vasantdada Sugar Institute to organise short term training programmes


Pune: Vasantdada Sugar Institute is all set to organise a two short term training programmes in Pune on June 11 and June 17, 2019.

The first programme will conclude on June 15, whereas the other one will end on June 21.

Programme commencing on June 11 will feature talks on “Fermentation, distillation and evaporation technologies in distillery” for distillery operators. The next programme will have a discussion on “Wet and instrumental Analysis in distillery” for distillery chemists.

The Institute has fixed fees of Rs 4,000 for members and Rs 8,000 for non-members to attend a programme on “Fermentation, distillation and evaporation technologies in distillery”. For “Wet and instrumental Analysis in distillery”, fees have been fixed at Rs 5,000 for members and Rs, 8,000 for non-members.

The stalwarts of the industry are likely to join this programme.

For further details, you can contact to Mr. S.A. Patil- 9860500720 and Mr. R.V. Burase-7887924063


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