Vegan leather from sugarcane: India’s position as major global sugarcane producer offers significant opportunities, says PETA

Animal rights group PETA India emphasised that India’s top position as a major global sugarcane producer presents ample opportunities for expanding the use of sugarcane-based vegan leather. The organisation said that India’s extensive sugarcane production could effectively utilize sugarcane waste through the technology developed by PA Footwear P Ltd, a company specializing in vegan leather alternatives.

“India is one of the largest global producers of sugarcane, making PA Footwear P Ltd’s technology a significant opportunity to efficiently utilise sugarcane waste,” stated PETA India in a release.

PA Footwear P Ltd, in collaboration with the National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, has created Vegan Virya, a leather alternative primarily derived from sugarcane. This material has received the “PETA-Approved Vegan” certification from PETA India.

Chinnasami Anbumalar, Vice Chair of PA Footwear P Ltd, said, “Vegan Virya comprises over 95 per cent plant-based elements, prominently sugarcane bagasse, complemented by a 60 per cent agro waste content.”

Several Indian companies in the fashion industry are adopting more sustainable and ethical practices.

Industry analysts suggest that the shift towards vegan leather could enable India to capitalize on its agricultural strengths while meeting the increasing consumer demand for sustainable fashion choices.


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