Vellore Co-operative sugar mill to crush 3-lakh tonnes of cane in 2023-24 season

Vellore: Despite several obstacles like maintenance work and overhauling of machinery, the Vellore Co-operative Sugar Mill aims to crush of 3-lakh tonnes of cane in the 2023-24 season, reports Dtnext.

Vellore Collector P Kumaravel Pandian stated that the mill aims to crush 2.20 lakh metric tonnes and encouraged farmers to utilize the various facilities offered by the mill to ensure pest-free cane. He added, “Crushing is expected to commence on December 14.”

In contrast, Mill Chairman M Anandan said that the mill has already registered 2.25 lakh tonnes of cane for crushing in the upcoming season, a 40,000-tonne increase from the previous season. With ongoing registrations, the mill hopes to achieve nearly 3 lakh tonnes this season by November, considering diversions from neighboring units.

However, challenges persist in rectifying the oldest cooperative sugar mill in the state, located in Ambur. Officials explained that cane farmers in Pernambut, Valathur, and Melpatti firms should register their cane with the Tirupattur mill. Similarly, cane farmers in Gudiyattam, Anaicut, KV Kuppam, Pennathur, Kaniyambadi, and Odugathur in the Vellore district, falling under the Ambur sugar mill’s jurisdiction; have been instructed to connect with cane officers to register with the Vellore facility.

Regarding the revival of the ailing Ambur mill, officials cited the substantial requirement of Rs 1,000 crore to revive the unit. Moreover, even if revived, the registered area wouldn’t yield much cane as the unit has been ailing for years. Consequently, cane from this unit has consistently been diverted to the Tirupattur and Vellore facilities.

Meanwhile, addressing damage caused by a fire in the Vellore unit’s conveyor belt a couple of months ago, Anandan stated that tenders are being finalized to rectify the issue and ensure completion within a month. He asserted, “Efforts are ongoing to achieve an average recovery rate of 10 percent in the upcoming season.”



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