Vijayapura: Scientists awarded patents for automatic sugarcane planting machine

Belagavi: Scientists from BLDE institutions in Vijayapura have been granted patents by the Indian Patent Office for innovative inventions across various fields, reported The Hindu.

One such patent is for the development of an Automatic Sugarcane Planting Machine. Associate professor of Mechanical Engineering Samir Kulkarni and his associates and students in the PG Halakatti Engineering College have received Intellectual Property Certificate for their invention of the machine.

This machine revolutionizes sugarcane planting by enabling farmers to complete the task at a low cost and with minimal labor. Experimental trials have demonstrated its efficiency, as the machine can cover up to two-and-a-half acres of land with just two workers at a cost of ₹3,500. Moreover, it can automatically harvest sugarcane into 3ft, 4ft, and 5ft sizes within an hour, while also facilitating the process of raising farm bunds by digging and planting sugarcane buds.

Compared to existing market alternatives, this machine offers significant cost savings, being at least three times more affordable to operate. BLDE University intends to make this technology accessible to farmers, foreseeing a reduction in prices through mass production.

For inquiries or further information, Dr. Kulkarni can be contacted at Ph: 9448972991.

Additionally, another patent has been granted to engineering college professors for a Water Monitoring System with Automatic Motor Control. Researchers Pradeep V. Malaji and Vijayakumar Jatti have received an Intellectual Property Certificate for this invention.

The self-driven motor control tool is designed to aid in the conservation and responsible use of water resources. It not only helps in saving and preserving water but also prevents its misuse. Furthermore, the system contributes to the prevention of rust formation in machines and reduces noise levels. Leveraging ultrasonic sensors and advanced technological tools, it accurately measures water availability and estimates underground water levels. The system can be conveniently operated through a mobile application.


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