Vizhinjam Deepwater Seaport will be capable of docking some of largest container ships in world: APSEZ CEO Karan Adani

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala): Vizhinjam International Deepwater Multipurpose Seaport will soon be capable of docking some of the largest container ships in the world and will also emerge as a global bunkering hub, supplying green fuel like hydrogen and ammonia, Karan Adani, Chief Executive Officer of Adani Ports and SEZ Limited (APSEZ), has said.

In his keynote address at the inaugural ship docking ceremony at Vizhinjam International Seaport, Karan Adani said the port has the potential to compete with leading global ports like Colombo, Singapore, Port Klang and Jebel Ali.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Sunday inaugurated the ceremony in Vizhinjam in connection with the arrival of the first vessel, Zhen Hua 15, from China.

Karan Adani said that the development of the Vizhinjam International Deepwater Multipurpose Seaport has been “the most challenging project that we have ever taken on and executed”.

“This is also why today is a very special moment for us – because today marks not just the fulfilment of a promise we made to Kerala, but also the fulfilment of a dream shared by the people of Vizhinjam, Thiruvananthapuram and Kerala,” he said.

“For more than 32 years, since 1991, Kerala has been waiting for this day. In the first 24 years, nothing much happened. In 2015, the Government of Kerala, then led by late Shri Oommen Chandyji, gave us the opportunity to develop Vizhinjam port. It is a matter of honour and pride for us that the people of Kerala have entrusted us with their dream of this port to make it a reality,” he added.

Talking about the efforts of group Chairman Gautam Adani, the APSEZ Chief Executive Officer said, “what he was most impressed with was that all parties, LDF, BJP, UDF were fully supporting the project, including the central government”.

“This project was very tough as we had to encounter repeated disruptions from cyclone Ockhi to the super floods of 2018 – a once-in-a-century occurrence, followed by a devastating flood in 2019…the worldwide Covid pandemic unleashed lockdowns and waves of disruption in 2020 and 2021. But we held on,” he said.

Karan Adani said that Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan “guided us through the most difficult part of the project – its execution on the ground”.

“I must say that this is one of the most unique projects we have worked on, where the support has been generous, continuous and relentless – all the way,” he said.

Apart from the Chief Minister, Union Minister of State for External Affairs V Muraleedharan, Leader of the Opposition VD Satheesh, Shahi Tharoor, MP, were among those present at the event held on Sunday.

Karan Adani also thanked the people of Vizhinjam and Thiruvananthapuram for their support.

“The way all of you have come together, cutting across political and ideological differences, to support the Vizhinjam project is proof that Kerala stands ‘solidly united as one’ when it comes to Kerala’s interests and Kerala’s development,” Karan Adani said.

Referring to the flagging in of the first ship, he said that they would work on the second phase of the project.

“Now that the first vessel has berthed, I would like to announce that we are keen to commence Phase II of this project,” he said.

“On this historic occasion of Zen Hua 15, I am reminded of the historic berthing of Alpha 2 on October 1998. We are committed to not only recreating a Mundra scale of development but also creations on an even larger scale of opportunity for the people and state of Kerala,” Karan Adani said.

“The port’s strategic location – just 10 nautical miles from the International Shipping Route connecting Europe, the Persian Gulf and the Far East – is a huge advantage as we enter the second phase,” he added.

He said that Kerala, with a coastline of 590 km, stands at the crossroads of history and modernity and noted that Vizhinjam Port will emerge as the largest private port in Kerala and “will be a huge revenue contributor” to the state.

“In addition to being the first exclusive transhipment port, Vizhinjam will also make history as the first semi-automated container terminal in India. Vizhinjam will also be a Global Bunkering Hub, supplying clean, green fuel like hydrogen and ammonia,” he said.

“When completed, this port will be one of the greenest ports in the world, a fitting complement to the natural beauty of environment-conscious Kerala. Truly a tribute to “Gods Own Country’,” he added.

Karan Adani said the project is expected to generate employment for more than 5,500 people through direct and indirect jobs and there will be community outreach programmes.

“With a natural draft of 18 meters, Vizhinjam will soon be capable of docking some of the largest container ships in the world…I promise you that we will deliver a magnificent world-class-port – and we will deliver it on time,” he said. (ANI)

(With inputs from ANI)


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