War against Coronavirus: Uttar Pradesh supplies hand sanitizers to other states


Lucknow: Principal Secretary, Excise, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy has told that the Government of Uttar Pradesh is committed to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in the state and in the country as well. For this, continuous production of sanitizer is going on in the state.

As per instructions of the State Government, FL -41 licenses have been issued at a rapid pace to manufacture hand sanitizers to sugar mills, distilleries and drug license units established in the state. So far 27 sugar mill cum distillery units in the state, 12 distilleries and 46 other units have been licensed to produce sanitizer. Till 30.04.2020, appx 35.99 lakh Litre of sainitzer has been produced in the state, out of which appx 14.50 lakh litres of sanitizer has been supplied to various states of the country which includes Delhi 2,46,004 litre, Maharastra 2,89,350 litre, Harayana 4,11,445 litre, Punjab 30,095 litre, Uttrakhand 66,644 litre, Tamil Nadu 25,898 litre, Karnataka 71,510 litre, Madhya Pradesh 18,916 litre, Bihar 28,710 litre, Assam 22,606 litre, Odisha 12,805 litre, Rajasthan 25,543 litre, Mheghaley 9,899 litre, Kerala 2,545 litre, Jharkhand 13,751 litre, Chandigarh 2,765 litre, Chattisgarh 3,245 litre, Gujrat 59,637 litre, Jammu and Kashmir 3,705 litre, Telangana 12,726 litre, West Bengal 23,016 litre, Dadar and Nagar Haweli 60,000 litre and Nagaland 620 litre.


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