We will form ‘Kisaan Karza Maafi Aayog’, waive farmer loans as many times required: Rahul Gandhi

Ludhiana: In a major promise amid the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday, that if the INDIA bloc comes to power, they will bring a ‘Kisaan Karza Maafi Aayog’ and will waive the loans of farmers “as many times as required.”

He also said that this is the first election that is being fought to “save” the Constitution.

Addressing the public meeting in Ludhiana, Rahul Gandhi said, “First time in history, this election is to save the Constitution. It is the first that a party has openly said they will change the Constitution and tear it down. This is not just a book, but the voice of poor people.”

The incumbent MP from Wayanad alleged that the BJP only works for billionaires and wants the rule of 22-25 people in the country.

He also slammed the ruling party over the three farm laws — which were later withdrawn — and said that it did not provide the legal guarantee of Minimum Support Price to the farmers.

“BJP wants the rule of 22-25 people. Narendra Modi only works for billionaires like Adani. They (BJP) brought black farm laws (kaale kanoon), didn’t do anything for the labourers, and small businessmen, and spread inflation and unemployment. Narendra Modi only made brothers fight amongst themselves, he made divisions in the name of religions, caste, region and language,” the Wayanad MP said.

“All the airports, ports, solar power, infrastructure, defence industry were given to people like Adani. PM Modi has wavered Rs 16 lakh crore worth of loans of 22-25 people…the farmers demanded MSP, PM Modi openly said he won’t give MSP,” he added.

The Congress leader also promised that the party will bring a legal guarantee for MSP and a ‘farmer-friendly’ crop insurance policy.

“As soon as the INDIA alliance government is formed, we will waive the loans of farmers of Punjab and the whole of India. We will not just waive farmer loans just once, but will form a commission for the same and call it ‘Kisaan Karza Maafi Aayog’…As many times the farmers would need a waiver, the commission would tell the government about it. Two times, three times, we will waive farm loans as many times as the farmer requires,” Rahul Gandhi said.

He added, “Secondly, we will guarantee a legal MSP to farmers. Thirdly, PM Modi brought a crop insurance policy, but only 16 companies got its benefits…we will change the scheme and bring a farmer-friendly scheme. You (farmers) will get the compensation within 30 days.”

The voting in 13 seats of Punjab along with the union territory of Chandigarh is being held in a single phase on June 1. The counting of votes will be done on June 4.

In the 2019 elections, Congress emerged as the single-largest party in the state by winning eight out of 13 seats. BJP and Shiromani Akali Dal won two seats each, while Aam Aadmi Party could only win the lone seat of Sangrur. (ANI)


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