Wildlife department opposes expansion of the molasses storage capacity by Chadha Sugar Mill

Patiala: The Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) has issued a public notice to seek the objections regarding the Chadha Sugar Mill’s expansion of the molasses storage capacity. The wildlife Department has objected the move citing that the mill has already polluted the Beas river in 2018 and the PPCB had imposed the fine of Rs 5-crore on the firm.

According to the Wildlife officials, the spillage of molasses from the mill had polluted the river and they are awaiting requisite funds for completing the rejuvenation work at the river. The department had sought Rs 3.60 crore for the work but the PPCB had sanctioned only Rs 1.03 crore and so far have released Rs 74 lakh to the department.

“There is a shortage of funds. The fish seeds released in the river need three or four years to get accustomed. In case the expansion is cleared, and some accident occurs again, it will be an environmental disaster”, a source was quoted as saying by The Tribune newspaper.

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