Will surely give relaxation in lockdown after assessing COVID-19 situation, says Maharashtra CM


Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 1 (ANI): We will go ahead with patience and caution, said Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Friday asserting that the state government will give relaxations in lockdown after May 3 seeing the condition of specific areas.

“We will surely give relaxations after May 3 seeing the condition of specific areas but be cautious and co-operate, else whatever we have achieved in the past few days will be lost. So, we will go ahead with patience and caution,” Thackeray said. “I want people to not panic about COVID-19. It’s only about starting the treatment on time. From few days old babies to 83 years old people have recovered and gone home. People on ventilators have also recovered well,” he said.

The ongoing lockdown, which was imposed to contain coronavirus is scheduled to end on May 3. Maharashtra as the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the country and the state’s tally stands at 10,498.

The Chief Minister said that lockdown is working as a “circuit breaker”. “Yes cases are rising but most of the cases are of the contacts. And most are already in quarantine. And fortunately, 75-80 per cent people are asymptomatic of the disease so we are putting them in quarantine,” he said.

The Chief Minister also wished the people of the state on the occasion of Maharashtra Foundation Day and Labour Day. “I remember what my father and grandfather told me about the struggle of getting Mumbai in Maharashtra. I visited Jitata Chowk today and it was a unique experience as I visited it for the first time as the Chief Minister of the state for which martyrs had sacrificed their lives,” he said.

“My father, grandfather and uncle were part of that Maharashtra andolan (movement). I remembered everyone who contributed for the formation of this state. I pay my respects to all of them before speaking to you,” he said.

“We had decided that this foundation day will be celebrated with great enthusiasm at the time when our government was formed. But we are helpless. Even I had to go there with masks on my face,” he added. “I remember 2010 when we celebrated 50th Anniversary of Maharashtra state. I remember everyone’s presence. Especially, I remember Lata tai’s performance when she sang a historical song. Many people came and go but Maharashtra is as it was,” he added.

“Even Aurangzeb had to accept that Maharashtra will not bow before him, he tried for 27 years. I am Chief Minister of such state and I am proud of it,” he said.


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