With huge participation of attendees, Bonsucro Global Week concludes 4-day event

Bangkok: Bonsucro Global Week, a leading global event for sugarcane sustainability and the annual flagship event of Bonsucro, wrapped up its successful 2019 event in Bangkok, Thailand with huge participation of attendees and experts from the sugar industry. The event lasted for four days from March 11 to March 14 with an aim to promote sustainable sugarcane production.

Many experts and other stakeholders from the industry shared their expertise on how sugarcane growers around the world could continue to improve their performance and how sustainability in sugarcane production can be achieved. Among other key aspects, the event also focused on smallholder farmers.

The panellist on the event discussed an overview of the challenges, strengths, threats, potential solutions, future direction, industrial collaborations, as well as opportunities and the risks involved in cane sustainability.

A special event session- Increasing Market Uptake- also held to find for concrete solutions on how businesses can contribute towards more sustainable supply chains and increasing certified sugar and ethanol’s market uptake. It also hosted Bonsucro Inspire Awards to recognise significant contributions towards achieving the Bonsucro mission and ChiniMandi was one of the contenders for “Excellence in Sugarcane Sustainability Communications”. On the last day, attendees were taken to Mitr Phol’s Dan Chang mill tour.

The guest speakers at four-day event include experienced from the industry like:

Khun Pornchai Srisakorn, Executive Vice President Sugarcane Management (Central Area), Mitr Phol Sugar Corporation Group

Alex Bjork, Director, Private Sector Engagement, WWF-US

Adrian Sym, CEO, Alliance for Water Stewardship (A4S)

Wouter Jordaan, Partner & Principal Environmental Scientist, SRK Consulting

S.J Lakshman, AVP and Head-R&D and Cane Extension, E.I.D Parry

Andrew Rouse, Program Manager Sustainable Agriculture, WWF Australia

Matt Kealey, Senior Manager Membership Engagement & Innovation, Canegrowers, Australia

Rajiv Ramlugon, Group Chief Sustainability Officer, Omnicane Management& Consultancy Limited

Aline Silva, Program Manager sugarcane, Solidarid Brazil

Roshan Lal Tamak, Executive Director, DCM Shriram

Natasha Schwarzbach, Sustainable Commodities, PepsiCo

Arindom Datta, Asia Head, Sustainability Banking / Head of Rural & Development Banking/Advisory and others.

ChiniMandi.com was one of the media partners for an event, and Bonsucro CEO Danielle Morley praised the portal for its contribution in the industry.

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