Women consume more sugar than men: Survey


New Delhi: A survey conducted in seven metro cities revealed that women consume 20.2 grams of added sugar in a day as compared with men’s intake of 18.7 grams. The survey conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Hyderabad and the Life Sciences Institute-India (ILSI-India) revealed the information.

The survey also revealed that among the metro cities, the mean intake of added sugar was high in Mumbai and low in Hyderabad.

Prof P K Seth, Chairman, ILSA-India said, “The average intake of people from Mumbai is high (26.3 grams per day), followed by Ahmedabad (25.9 grams per day) which is high as compared with Delhi (23.2 grams per day), Bengaluru (19.3 grams per day), Kolkata (17.1 grams per day) and Chennai (16.1 grams per day).”

This is the first of its kind of survey done by these institutes. The survey also revealed that the average daily intake of added sugar by people residing in metro cities was 19.5 grams per day, which is lower than 30 grams per day, the ICMR recommendations.




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