Workshop organised to promote spraying of fertilizers using drones


Dharmapuri: A workshop was organised by the Dharmapuri Cooperative sugar mill in Palacode to spread awareness among farmers about the use of drones for aerial spraying of growth regulators, fertilizers and pesticides in sugarcane fields, reports New Indian Express.

This would help in addressing the issue of rising labour costs and help farmers to protect their crops in less time with lower spending.

The Dharmapuri sugar mill can crush over 6,300 tonnes of sugarcane per month. Over the years, the area under cane cultivation has been reduced and the mill is operating at lower than its capacity. The mill is taking several steps to encourage farmers to take cane cultivation using new agricultural innovations that would help in increasing their income.

Using drones will help farmers from the region shift from labour-intensive and time-consuming processes to aerial spraying methods. Spraying liquid Urea and Potash from the air will directly benefit the leaves of the cane crop and one acre of land can be covered in less than 20 minutes.”


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