World Biogas Association India Congress 2023 to be held in New Delhi from October 12 to 13

New Delhi: The World Biogas Association India Congress 2023 is all set to take place at the Hyatt Regency in New Delhi, India, on October 12-13, 2023.

This two-day flagship conference and exhibition underscores India’s prominent role among emerging economies. The World Biogas Association INDIA Congress will delve into bioenergy’s pivotal role in creating a resilient and sustainable India, offering inspiration to other emerging economies. The event will explore diverse strategies that can be deployed across various sectors to enable India to leverage the potential of biogas, aligning with its aspirations to become an energy-independent circular economy.

The World Biogas Association Congress Series represents an ambitious international initiative aimed at accelerating biogas development in both new and established markets, facilitating countries in their pursuit of Net Zero commitments. This series provides an innovative platform for collaboration among key bioenergy stakeholders from government and industry to optimize available bioresources, surmount growth obstacles, establish partnerships and investment opportunities, and disseminate best practices to all stakeholders in the global biogas community.

Biogas has been recognized as one of the “fastest and most cost-effective technologies” to help the world meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement (UNEP/CCAC). To support the necessary rapid scaling of the industry, the World Biogas Association (WBA) is hosting esteemed Congress Series in 2023. Leveraging its extensive network of corporate members, national biogas associations, and global institutions, the World Biogas Association Congress Series aims to empower countries to secure climate, energy, and food security. The series will showcase biogas innovations, encourage collaboration between public, private, and civil society stakeholders, stimulate inward investments, and foster market development in alignment with broader bioenergy and net-zero targets.

The event will feature keynote speeches from ministers and global industry leaders, with numerous expert speakers covering a wide array of topics, from policy and regulation to project finance and plant optimization technologies, to transportation. The Congress sessions have been meticulously designed to delve into all critical aspects of biogas delivery and implementation at scale within India.

Additionally, the World Biogas Association will unveil its India market report, a collaborative effort with Invest India.

The event is expected to attract a diverse audience, including government officials, policymakers, petroleum companies, sugar mills, municipalities, anaerobic digestion operators and developers, agricultural firms, waste management companies, financiers, energy networks, and consultants from both local and international arenas.

The Cogeneration Association of India stands as an Association Partner for the World Biogas Association INDIA Congress 2023, while ChiniMandi is the official media partner of the event.
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