Bangladesh: Floods cause damage to sugarcane and other crops

Jamalpur, Bangladesh: Heavy rainfall in the region has resulted in floods damaging sugarcane and other causing farmers losses of over TK 140 crore. As many as 190,027 farmers have been affected as their standing crops have been devastated by the floods.

According to official data, a total of 26,206 hectares of Aman seedbed, Aush, jute, vegetables, maize, sugarcane, pepper, banana, sesame, nuts among other crops in 677 villages under 59 unions of 7 upazilas, including Islampur, Dewanganj, Madarganj, Melandah, Sarishabari, Bakshiganj and Sadar were damaged.

The farmers have expressed disappointment over the management of the government as they have faced extreme losses.

According to the media report, standing crops on 15,492 hectares have been completely damaged and others are partially damaged.

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