Bijnor: Elephants may invade in sugarcane fields


Bijnor: The Forest department officials have sounded alert to the sugarcane growers in the Bijnor region that elephants may invade in cane fields located in areas bordering forests.

Elephants are fond of juicy sugarcane, due to which they enter into the cane fields. And this arises man-elephant conflict situation.

According to the news report published in The Times of India, as many as 205 elephants are there in Bijnor district’s Najibabad and Bijnor divisions.
More than 100 are in Amangarh Tiger Reserve, which is connected to the agricultural fields. The forest officials have asked the farmers to take precautionary measures including spraying of biopesticides on crops to prevent any sort of harm to an elephant.

Bijnor divisional forest officer (DFO) M Semmaran said, “We have alerted our staff to take steps to prevent man-animal conflict. We have alerted the farmers to not to go alone in the fields located in areas bordering forests.

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