Cargill India interested to invest in corn-to-ethanol facilities in India


Cargill India has shown interest in facilities to produce ethanol out of corn. But the company is waiting for clear policy from the government on green fuel.

According to the news reports published in Financial Express, Simon George, president, Cargill India said, “We are producing ethanol using corn in the US. We are looking at opportunities here, depending on the government policy.”

The Indian government aims to boost ethanol production, therefore it is taking various steps for the same.

The government had recently announced the hike in ethanol prices for supply to oil marketing companies and raised the price of ethanol extracted from sugarcane juice to Rs 62.65 per litre from the current Rs 59.48 per litre. The rate for ethanol from C-heavy molasses has been increased from Rs 43.75 per litre to Rs 45.69 per litre and that of ethanol from B-heavy molasses to Rs 57.61 per litre from Rs 54.27 per litre.


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