Brazil: CLI terminal projects to ship around 15 per cent more grains and sugar in 2024

Santos: CLI, a logistics company operating one of Brazil’s largest agricultural commodities export terminals, anticipates a 15% increase in grain and sugar shipments in 2024. This projection is attributed to rising demand from commodities traders and mills, reported Reuters.

Luis Neves, the company’s director of operations, forecasts a 15% increase in grain and sugar shipments this year. Specifically, sugar shipments are expected to surpass 1 million metric tons, reaching up to 9.5 million tons, while grain loadings are projected to rise by 1 million tons to 6.5 million tons.

Neves stated that CLI achieved a monthly loading record in February, hitting 1.3 million tons, with sugar accounting for 900,000 tons of this volume. As Brazil’s largest sugar export terminal, CLI handles approximately a third of the nation’s total sugar exports. The company is under the control of Macquarie Asset Management and private equity firm IG4, with Rumo RAIL3.SA holds a 20% stake.


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