Coronavirus threat: Sugar mills shut in Philippines due to lockdown


Manila, Philippine: The lockdown imposed in the southern province has resulted in shutting operations of two sugar mills from the region which may lead to the domestic shortage of the sugar. The farm minister of Philippine has stated that this may lead to a hike in sugar prices in the country.

According to the media report, the province has been kept under lockdown from April 13 to April 26 after a first patient positive for coronavirus was detected in the region.

The two mills, Crystal Sugar Company Inc and Bukidnon Sugar Milling Co. produce 82 per cent of total sugar produced in the southern island and their total contribution to the country’s production is 16 per cent.

Importing sugar will also be tough as coronavirus has impacted the import-export movement. Many countries around the world who are facing a shortage of sugar are in the process of arranging it.


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