Europe & North America Advanced Biofuels Summit 2021


Commercial opportunities for advanced biofuels globally through technological advancements, collaboration, research and innovation.

Fueled by the demand for sustainable clean fuels, coupled with a favorable regulatory climate, increased government initiatives for eco-friendly alternative fuels, and with global energy consumption projected to increase 28% by 2040, the European and North American biofuel markets is expected to see significant growth over the next few years. Major blending mandates that drive the demand for biofuels have been set in the US and Europe. These countries have a target of achieving 15-27% blend of biofuels with conventional fuel by 2020-2022, which is expected to drive demand in their respective regions.

Ethanol and Biodiesel remain the most popular fuels, however increasingly advanced liquid biofuels produced from feedstock such as lignocellulosic, waste oil, fats, and municipal waste count as a viable option to decarbonize energy sectors in a cost-effective way in industries such as aviation, shipping, and freight. However, limited feedstock availability, keeping up with advancements in process technology, and growing regulatory pressures across Europe and North America shows that the advanced biofuels market in these regions still have some significant challenges ahead to overcome.

Confirmed speakers so far:
Harrison Clay, Renewable Fuels, Biogas & Biomethane Project Development & Environmental Commodities, BP
Fred Ghatala, Director Carbon & Sustainability, Advanced Biofuels Canada
Andrea Martelli, Head of Biofuels Trading, Portfolio Optimization & Supply, ENI
Andre Paula Santos, Public Affairs Director, EBB – European Biodiesel Board
Enzo De Biase, International Development and Licensing, Licensing Expert Green Chemistry, ENI Versalis
Dirk Kronemeijer, Founder & CEO, GoodFuels
Cornelius Claeys, Renewable Energy in Transport – EU Analyst, Stratas Advisors
Bharadwaj Kummamuru, Executive Director, World Bioenergy Association
Bo Gleerup, Co-Founder, Co-Owner & CEO, Nordic Green
Monica Normark, Chief Technical Officer, Sekab BioFuels & Chemicals AB
Gunnar Holen, CEO, Nordic Blue Crude
Inder Pal Singh, Founding President & CEO, SBI BioEnergy
Hannon Rasool, Deputy Director – Fuels and Transportation Division, California Energy Commission
Rebecca Boudreaux, President & Chief Executive Officer, Board Director, Oberon Fuels

Key Topics
Key Developments and Trends in the European and North American Advanced Biofuels Market
Advanced Biofuels Technology Updates & Emerging Opportunities
Reviewing Regulatory Developments in Europe & North America
Meeting Demand for Alternative Feedstocks
Assessing Investment Opportunities for Advanced Biofuels
Why Attend
The Advanced Biofuels Virtual Summit Series will position itself as the leading premier events for the global advanced biofuels sector. With its interactive format of panel discussions, presentations, open discussion allowing for engaging Q&A, and structured business networking opportunities.

No matter your role in the market, these summits will allow you to gain valuable insights and practical takeaways from some of the most successful businesses across the global advanced biofuels market.

The European and North American Advanced Biofuels Summit brings together key players, and senior representatives from biodiesel producers, downstream oil companies, clean fuel producers, alternative fuels industries, process technology providers, fuel traders, brokers, consultants, crop science and feedstock suppliers to discuss the latest market trends, the impact of Covid–19 on the advanced biofuels market, advancements in process technology, and review existing regulation impacting the markets in Europe and North America to ascertain where the most commercial developments & business opportunities lie in these rapidly growing markets.

The Advanced Biofuels Summit 2021 will be delivered through an advanced networking tool.

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