Fiji: Sugar price increase receives mixed reactions


The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission’s decision to approve an increase in the price for ex-warehouse sugar by 90 cents per kilogram has received a mixed response with the Fiji Sugar Corporation and the Sugar Cane Growers Council welcoming it while the National Federation Party and Fiji Labour Party condemning it.

The decision is aimed at bailing out bankrupt Fiji Sugar Corporation, said NFP leader, Professor Biman Prasad.

He said, “This is one of the decisions indicating the heartlessness of the government which has increased the price by more than 64%. The decision will increase the hardship of consumers and will not increase the income of sugarcane farmers. The Fiji sugar price rise will only provide a financial lifeline to FSC.”

FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry said that this will create an inflationary impact on the local food and beverages that will ultimately impact people.

FSC CEO, Bhan Pratap Singh said that this decision will support the sugar industry and be beneficial for the long term growth of the sector. This will make sugarcane farming more lucrative.


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