Fuel prices hiked across metros, petrol crosses Rs 93 in Delhi

New Delhi [India], May 21 (ANI): After a gap of two days, petrol and diesel prices again witnessed a minor hike across the metros on Friday.

In Delhi, petrol prices went up by 19 paise from 92.85 per litre on May 19 and reached 93.04 per litre while the diesel prices have gone up by 29 paise from Rs 83.51 per litre to Rs 83.80 per litre.

The rates of petrol and diesel are the highest in Mumbai. In Mumbai, the petrol prices saw an increase of 18 paise and are at Rs 99.32 per litre while diesel rates saw a surge of 30 paise and it is now being sold at Rs 91.01 per litre.

In Chennai, petrol is now being sold at Rs 94.71 per litre and diesel price has reached Rs 88.62 per litre. In Kolkata, petrol has reached Rs 93.11 per litre and diesel is at Rs 86.64 per litre.

Rates have been increased across the country and differ from state to state depending on the incidence of value-added tax. (ANI)



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