Government to upload sugarcane survey data on cane website and E Ganna app


Lucknow: Commissioner, Cane and Sugar, Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy  said that in order to bring complete transparency in the data related to sugarcane supply for sugarcane farmers for the crushing season  2020-21, the data of sugarcane survey & satta will be uploaded on the E.R.P. website ”” and ”E-Ganna app”. Farmers can get their and other farmers data on android mobile or Can view through computer sitting at home. If the farmer finds any error in his data, he can get it corrected by contacting the concerned sugarcane supervisor or can register his complaint on the ”Grievance redressal” column of E.R.P. portal The farmers need not to take round of societies. This will help in preventing the spread of Covid-19, along with bringing full transparency in the cane supply system.

While providing detailed information in this regard, Shri  Bhoosreddy said that the sugarcane survey work for crushing season 2020-21 has almost been completed. 100% Sugarcane Survey has been done through G.P.S. Technology to avoid possibility of any kind of error.

For those sugarcane farmers who do not have Android mobile and cannot see their survey on computer, village level survey, satta demonstration will also be done jointly by departmental cane supervisor and mill supervisor. If the sugarcane farmers see any error in their survey data than they can get it corrected through the sugarcane supervisor. In view of Covid-19, this year, a society-level survey and satta demonstration fair will be conducted circle-wise till September 30, 2020. For each circle, one village per stall per day will be fixed for demonstration, so that the rules of social distancing can be followed.

It was also told that in view of the present situation arising due to Covid-19, it would be mandatory for all employees and sugarcane farmers to use face masks, sanitize their hands and follow the rules of social distancing at the village and society level survey and satta demonstration. During the Society-level survey and satta demonstration, thermal screening of sugarcane farmers will also be done and inquiry terminal will also be established on each sugarcane society.

Sugarcane Commissioner, told that this year, sugarcane slips to sugarcane farmers will be sent through S.M.S. only. There is an appeal to the sugarcane farmers that the sugarcane farmers can update their mobile number through the E-Ganna app and keep the inbox of the mobile empty and D.N.D. service deactivated so that there is no obstacle in getting the sugarcane slip and the spread of Covid-19 may be effectively checked.


  1. In the current fluid condition of Coronavirus, it is good initiative by the Cane Department of the state to upload data of cane survey , supply ticket calender and basic information of cane grower on e-ganna app and website The ERP module of central processing and data reservoir system will remove interference at local leval and improve transparency in issuance of cane supply ticket.
    The cane Department has been incrementally digititalising all important aspects related with cane growers.
    The Cane survey, an important work of the department on which all the future planning and works are contingent upon, has been being done through GPS system, which lessens the chances of anomalies if even a simple effort is directed to monitor, since 2009.
    The centralised system of collation of the cane survey, calendering of cane purchasing supply ticket and every basic records of cane grower is being done for the first time this year.
    The ERP module might also go a long way in providing reprieve to cane Department personnel from mafiosi.
    Yet, the Department need to go whole hog in digititalising every facet of the cane marking- right from registration of cane grower and their accessibility to cane payment and loan account of cane growers.


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