Gujarat ports on alert for underwater attacks from Pakistan

Gujarat: Since the Indian government revoked Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan is eyeing for revenge. According to the latest reports, Pakistan Navy-trained terrorists and commandos are trying to enter the Gulf of Kutch in small boats. The possibility is there that they may launch possible underwater attacks on the coasts of Gujarat and other ports. Following which, the BSF and Indian Coast Guard have been put on high alert. After the intel alert of a possible invasion, many ports in Gujarat enhanced their security.

The advisory was issued by Adani Ports in relation with the said alert. According to a statement by Adani Ports and SEZ, “Inputs had been received from coast guard station that Pakistan-trained commandos have entered the Gulf of Kutch through the Harami Nala creek area and they are believed to be trained with underwater attacks.”

“All the stakeholders, vessels and officials have been asked to remain vigilant and immediately inform authorities if any suspicious activity is seen in the waters, port area or shore. Security agencies manning the shoreline and port have been asked to look for any suspicious vessels, persons and activity.” statement further added.

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