Indian sugar sale up approx 5% amid Covid-19 pandemic : ISMA


As per information furnished by mills and estimations made by ISMA, the total sales in the month of May,2021 was recorded as 22.35 lac tons against the sales quota of 22 lac tons for the respective month. Total sales in the current season upto May, 2021 are estimated at 174.96 lac tons against domestic sales quota of 169 lac tons given by the Government. Last year, during the same period sugar sales were estimated at 166.40 lac tons as against sales quota of 161 lac tons. This would mean that sales in the current year upto May,2021 are 8.56 lac tons higher or about 5% higher than the last year corresponding period.

ISMA further notified that there is a misunderstanding in the market that demand of sugar has fallen in the last couple of months. It needs to be noted that sugar sales by sugar mills in March,2021 was 22.34 lac tons, in April,2021 it was 23.13 lac tons and in May,2021, it was 22.35 lac tons. These figures of sales are as reported by the sugar mills from across the country.

In comparison to the previous season 2019-20, sugar mills have already sold 8.56 lac tons more in the current season and therefore as compared to full season of last year, when the sales were 253 lac tons, the sugar sales in the current year may cross the estimation of 260 lac tons.

In addition to higher domestic sales of 8 to 10 lac tons in the current year till the end of September,2021, over last season, sugar exports in the current year is expected to be around 70 lac tons, which gives the sugar industry the confidence that the closing balance of September,2021 will be about 20 – 25 lac tons less than the closing balance of last season.


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