India’s National Sugar Institute becomes the only sugar institute in the world with refined sugar plant for training purpose

Kanpur: With the commissioning of sugar refinery at the Experimental Sugar Factory, National Sugar Institute has become the only sugar institute in the world to have such facilities for in-plant training of the students of the courses.

In conversation with ChiniMandi News, Prof.Narendra Mohan, Director – National Sugar Institute expressed his views on this milestone achievement. He said, “A The 10 tonne per day refined sugar producing plant has been commissioned at a cost of Rs.258 lakhs in a record time of four months. The plant has been designed after studying various models available worldwide and consulting eminent experts in the field of sugar refining. It is dream come true for the institute, as its importance was long felt. The sugar industry in India is now keen on producing such sugar to meet the quality requirements of not only beverage & pharmaceutical industries but also of common consumer. With the surplus sugar production, the country is exploring the global markets to dispose off the excess sugar where again only raw or refined sugar is traded. Thus, it is important that required technical knowledge is imparted to the students who will take up responsibilities in the sugar industry in future.”

“With the commissioning of the refined sugar plant, now the institute is in position to impart training not only to the students but also to desirous sugar industry personnel for up-grading their knowledge on production of raw, plantation white, refined and other special sugars. The refined sugar unit installed is designed to work on both the technologies of de-colorization i.e. ion-exchange resins and powdered active carbon with membrane filters. This is unique and such facilities do not exist elsewhere, thus, it would provide a wider exposure about the most modern available technologies to knowledge seekers.” He added.

Shri.S.K.Trivedi, Asstt.Professor of Sugar Technology and Head of the refinery implementation committee also shared his views on this progress. He said, “We have also considered the various applicable food safety norms and therefore at most of the places, the construction of process equipment is considered in stainless steel. The environmental issues are also kept in consideration and a two stage brine recovery system has been installed”

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