Karnataka: Farmer grows 25 feet sugarcane crop adopting Israeli technology

Vijayapura: In the village of Golasangi in Nidagundi taluk, the farm of Narayan Salunke and his brother Sidduba showcases an extraordinary spectacle — sugarcane stalks reaching an impressive height of around 25ft, far beyond the norm in the region, reported The Newi Idian Express.

The brothers have achieved this remarkable feat by embracing Israeli agricultural technology in cultivating their sugarcane crop, resulting in a staggering harvest of 686 tonnes from their 5-acre plantation.

In contrast to the typical 2kg weight of a regular sugarcane stalk, the Salunke brothers’ variety weighs an impressive 3.5-4kg. Additionally, while standard cane attains a length of 8-10 feet, this particular variety soars to an extraordinary height of 25 feet. The success of their venture is attributed to the cultivation of the SNK 13374 variety of sugarcane, coupled with the implementation of drip irrigation and the application of solely organic manure, which significantly enhances yield.

News of this uncommonly tall sugarcane crop has spread to other farmers, attracting the interest of four individuals from Uttar Pradesh. Traveling from Amroha, they visited Golasangi to meet the Salunke brothers and gather insights into the cultivation process. Narayan Salunke generously shared information about the variety and cultivation techniques, highlighting the guidance sought from agricultural scientists before undertaking the project.



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