Karnataka Sugarcane Growers’ Association to organise a walkathon to press for their demands

Dharwad: The Karnataka Sugarcane Growers’ Association will be organizing ‘Raithara Nadiga jagruti kadege’ (Farmers’ march towards awareness) in all villages to spread awareness among farmers about political parties negligence towards their problems, reports The Times of India.

Kurubur Shantkumar, president of the association, said that they had put forward the demands and ready to support the political party that agreed to fulfil them.

“No political party has come forward and shown commitment to fulfil our demands. We will launch a march in all the villages in the state and ask farmers to question the candidates contesting assembly elections,” he said.

“We want the candidates contesting assembly elections to address our issues like fixing of fair remunerative price for standing crop of sugarcane and permission to the cane farmers to produce ethanol and use it as fuel to tractors, Shantkumar added.


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