Kenya: Agriculture CS demands to permit sugarcane farmers to choose mills of their choice

Agriculture CS Peter Munya has asked the governors to not to lobby for the reintroduction of the cane zoning and allow farmers to send their cane to the mill of their choice.

Munya said, “The zoning of the certain areas for the particular sugar mills should not be done as the policies have been changed and the governors should not reinforce them again.”

He initiated action after the farmers petitioned him on November 5 stating that the governors are imposing sugar zones.

According to the media reports, Munya said, “Our position is that for the good of the farmer, zoning cannot be encouraged because it will stifle competition. The farmer will not get the best price available, because he has no alternative but to take his cane. Forcing farmers to supply cane to a particular miller is retrogressive.”

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