Low sugar recovery in old cane causing financial losses to sugar mills


Lucknow: Commissioner Cane and Sugar Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy Said that E.R.P. system has been implemented to provide real time information related to sugarcane marketing to the farmers. It been seen that in some cooperative sugar mills viz., Ghosi, Sathiyav, Sultanpur and Munderawa, Pipraich sugar mills of corporation sector and in few private sugar mills, some farmers are harvesting their sugar cane by estimating time of receiving purchi, seeing their Calendar on “E-Ganna App“. While the delay in issuance of purchi is possible due to break down in sugar mill and bad weather. Farmers are being given supply tickets through S.M.S. and, after issuing purchi at list 72 hours of time is given for cane supply. In the event of supply of sugarcane harvested by farmers 3 to 4 days ago, the weight of sugarcane reduces by 5 to 8% and the recovery of sugar at the delay of every 24 hours also decreases by 0-25 %.

So by supplying sugarcane, harvested more than 72 hours before, on the one hand, the farmers loose money due to reduction in cane weight and on the other hand the reduced sugar recovery in stale cane causes financial losses to sugar mills which affect their paying capacity.

Giving the above information, the Commissioner, Cane and Sugar Shri Bhoosreddy said that in state, sugarcane is the main source of livelihood of about 2.50 crore persons, including about 50 lakh sugarcane farmers and their families. In such a situation, the loss of all the farmers due to some farmers is not good and it is clarified that in any case the old harvested dry sugarcane will not be taken by the sugar mills and the farmers who so ever will supply such sugarcane, their bonds will be closed.

He appealed to the farmers that they should harvest their sugarcane only after receiving the S.M.S purchi so that they can avoid weight lost to themselves and recovery loss to sugar mills. By doing this the farmers will get the full value of their produce and the paying capacity of sugar mill will also be better.

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