Maharashtra ends crushing season 2020-21 – Things you need to know

The 2020-21 sugar season in Maharashtra ended its final innings early this week. In the current sugar season 190 mills were operational against 147 mills in the previous season. The total cane crushed in the current season was 1012 LMT compared to 545 LMT in the previous season.

Mills across the state have produced 106.3 LMT of sugar which is 72.54% higher than the previous season that was 61.61 LMT. Mills crushed cane with an average recovery of 10.5% The average crushing days in this season were 140 days in comparison to 127 days in the previous year. Amongst all districts, Aurangabad district had the most number of days of crushing which lasted 158 days whereas Nagpur had the lowest of 128 days. Around the state, 208 days was the longest a mill operated crushing whereas 28 days was the shortest a mill had operated.

The mills recognised top in different aspects of performance are as below
1. Highest Cane Crushed – Jawahar Shetkari Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana, Hupari – 18.88 LMT
2. Highest Sugar Production – Jawahar Shetkari Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana, Hupari 2.29 LMT
3. Highest Recovery in percentage – Dalmia Bharat Sugar & Industries Ltd. – 13.39%
4. Maximum Crushing Days – Karmayogi Ankushrao Tope Samarth Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana – 208 days
5. Highest FRP Paid – Sonhira Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana – ₹3176/MT
6. Highest Cane Amount Paid – Jawahar Shetkari Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana, Hupari – ₹528.68 crores.

To align in sync with the Ethanol Blending Programme (EBP), mills in Maharashtra currently hold the production capacity of 164.11 crore litres of ethanol. The expected increase in ethanol production capacity in the next crushing season is expected to be approximately 23% higher at 202.71 crore litres.


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