Monsoon likely to hit Gujarat soon

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Ahmedabad, Jun 25 (UNI) The South West Monsoon was likely to enter Gujarat in next 48 hours, IMD Center Director Jayant Sarkar said on Monday.

Mr Sarkar told UNI that the rain that had occurred in 66 talukas, including Ahmedabad city. Even in the last 24 hours and in parts of South and Central Gujarat on Monday, people also experienced a pre-monsoon showers.

“Now, situation is favourable for advancement of monsoon and its likely to enter the state in next 48 hours. There will be fairly widespread rain in Gujarat region (South, Central and North Gujarat) but it would be scattered to isolated in Saurashtra region,” he added.

Notably, monsoon makes an entry in Gujarat normally during third week of June but it has become somewhat delayed this time around.

Despite that so far the state has received over 6% of of seasonal average with North Gujarat and Saurashtra regions seeing over 10% each.

Altogether 66 taluka have experienced light to heavy rain in Gujarat during the last 24 hours. Kathlal taluka in Kheda received the maximum of 75 mm of rain.

Ahmedabad city also saw 25 mm or around an inch of average rain between Sunday and Monday. Due to gusty winds, over a dozen trees have been uprooted and many areas have also been facing water logging issues.

In other parts of the state, people have been facing the same problem. Met had predicted more rains for Monday.

With this, the state has received average rain of 6.18 per cent. Region wise, north Gujarat has recorded 10.24 per cent of rain, while Saurashtra registered 10.58 per cent downpour, Kutch 2.27 per cent, South Gujarat 2.15 per cent and central Gujarat received 4 per cent rainfall.


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