OMCs increase ethanol requirement for blending by 55% for season 2019-20


Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), Public Sector Enterprises floated the ethanol procurement tender for 2019-2020 today. For the current year 2019-20 the OMCs have floated a requirement to buy 5.11 billion liters of ethanol which is 55% higher than the preceding year which stood at 3.29 billion liters.

With a view to increasing blending of ethanol and reducing the import bills of crude, the Government has taken multiple steps including promotion of ethanol production from molasses/sugarcane juice/sugar syrup/ distilleries producing ethanol from damaged food grains such as broken rice, wheat etc. which is unfit for human consumption.

This will not only augment the financial conditions of the ailing sugar industry which have invested in boosting up the ethanol capacities but will also optimize the ethanol production capacities of their mills/distilleries which today is expected to give better returns than that from sugar.

It is to be noted that the Government recently approved fixing higher ethanol price derived from different raw materials under the EBP Programme for the forthcoming season 2019-20 during ethanol supply year from 1st December 2019 to 30th November 2020 where the prices of ethanol from C heavy molasses route was increased from Rs.43.46/litre to Rs.43.75 per litre, the price of ethanol from B heavy molasses route was increased from Rs.52.43/litre to Rs.54.27/litre, the price of ethanol from sugarcane juice/sugar/sugar syrup route was fixed at Rs.59.48 per/litre, additionally, GST and transportation charges were approved to be payable and the rate for ethanol derived from damaged food grains unfit for human consumption is fixed at Rs.47.63/litre.

State Year 2018-19 Year 2019-20
Andhra Pradesh 149068 214324
Bihar 101392 145588
Chhattisgarh 75055 108041
Delhi 131342 158018
Goa 22572 38646
Gujarat 171020 307808
Haryana 136504 224775
Himachal Pradesh 11000 37118
Jharkhand 52541 87930
Karnataka 278587 380832
Kerala 193190 261070
Madhya Pradesh 156320 243026
Maharashtra 416557 727649
Odisha 93441 149426
Punjab 124252 172160
Rajasthan 160579 269296
Tamil Nadu 310104 446312
Telangana 149464 220214
Uttar Pradesh 415513 618206
Uttarakhand 27930 54242
West Bengal 116178 171791
Assam 49128
Sikkim 1224
J&K 27454
Grand Total 3292609 5114278

Apparently, one paramount part in the tender for the season 2019-20 is that the OMCs for the first time has invited offers for North Eastern states, Sikkim and Assam and most interestingly Jammu & Kashmir. The development of J&K has been the focus of the Hon.Prime Minister after the abolishment of Article 370.

The Central Govt. has the vision to achieve 20% ethanol with petrol by 2030 and is moving in the same direction. Where ethanol provides an additional revenue stream for the sugar companies, besides sugar and bagasse-based power experts believe the production and optimization of ethanol will definitely aid sugar mills to become financially, however it in now onus on the sugar industry to step up and supply the required quantity.

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