Pakistan: Grocers association refuse to sell sugar at the price fixed by government


Rawalpindi: Stating that they cannot bear loss by following the government’s order, the grocers association of Rawalpindi has refused to sell sugar at Rs 70/kg, the rate fixed by the government.

Anwar Haq, deputy commissioner, Rawalpindi had fixed Rs 70/kg rate for sugar. According to the local media reports, the grocers have however decided to sell sugar at Rs 81 per kg against the government order.

Pervaiz Butt, president of Karyana Merchant Association (KMA) said, “We are getting sugar at a high rate and how can we sell it at a low rate incurring losses.”

However, the market committee has come forward to follow the government rule and has stated that it will set up four shops in every market that will sell sugar at the price fixed by the government.

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