Police seizes illegally imported sugar from Uganda


Cops in Siaya have seized sugar, which is suspected to be illegally imported from Uganda. Acting on a tip-off police raided the shop and found sugar worth over Ksh.300,000 packed in 50kg and 25 kg bags.

Police, while talking to media, said that it is believed the sugar was smuggled into the country from the neighbouring country. Police have arrested the accused, and further investigating the case. The owner of the shop is being asked to produced legal import documents.

Earlier, sugarcane farmers in Kenya’s Busia city alleged that local factories are involved in the smuggling sugarcane from Uganda. They claim it is being smuggled through the porous Busia border.

Not just in Siaya, even in Kenya, there were reports that illicit sugar supplies are in circulation in the market. Officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) last week seized around 450 fifty-kilo bags of the illegal sugar in the country. According to the reports, in Kenya, criminals have been repacking sugar in new bags showing reviewed manufacturing and expiry dates. Also, they apply fake stickers on it, which indicates that it had been certified by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

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