Sugar prices increase in Pakistan by Rs.5 per kg in two days


The prices of sugar in major cities of Pakistan have surged by Rs 5 per kg in the last two days.

The prices rose after the Prime Minister Imran Khan appreciated his economic team for lowering the price of sugar to Rs 81 per kg.

Now once again the sugar prices have shot up. Major cities including Lahore, Quetta, Multan, Faislabad and Karachi have witnessed the price rise.

At Karachi’s wholesale market, price of 100 kg sugar is Rs 8,300 indicating the sugar is available at Rs 83 per kg. However in the retail market it is sold at Rs 90 per kg. In some parts it is sold for Rs 100 per kg. The prices have increased from last one month.

In Lahore, sugar is sold for Rs 85-90 per kg while in Quetta it is sold for Rs 90 per kg. The prices of sugar in Multan have gone up from Rs 90 to Rs 95 per kg.

Residents are demanding reduction in the sugar prices and have stated that the sugar sold at utility stores is of substandard quality and is sold at Rs 68 per kg.



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