India’s Sugar production down by 54 per cent till November 30

New Delhi: According to the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA), Sugar production till 30th November, 2019 in the current 2019-20 Sugar Season is 18.85 lakh tons, which was 40.69 lakh tons last year on 30th November 2018. New-season witnessed the downfall of 54 per cent in Indian sugar production.

As compared to 418 sugar factories which were crushing sugarcane last year on 30th November, 2018, 279 sugar mills are crushing sugarcane on 30th November, 2019 this year.

In Uttar Pradesh 111 sugar mills were crushing sugarcane on 30th November, 2019 and have produced 10.81 lakh tons till that date. At the end of November, 2018 last year, 105 sugar mills were crushing in Uttar Pradesh who had produced 9.14 lakh tons.

In Maharashtra, sugar mills started late in the current season on 22nd November 2019. 43 sugar mills have started crushing operations as on 30th November 2019, as compared to 175 sugar mills operated on the corresponding date of last year. Till 30th Nov. 2019, sugar production in the State was 67,000 tons, compared with 18.89 lakh tons produced in the State as on 30th November 2018.

In the State of Karnataka 61 sugar mills were crushing on 30th November, 2019 and 5.21 lakh tons of sugar was produced. As compared to this, last year as on 30th November, 2018, 63 sugar mills were operating this time who had produced 8.40 lakh tons of sugar.

In Gujarat also sugar mills started crushing operations by about 20 days late this year due to excess rainfall in South West Monsoon as well as North East Monsoon as on date. 14 sugar mills were crushing on 30th November, 2019 and they have produced 75,000 tons of sugar. Last year on 30th November, 2018, 16 mills were in operation and they had produced 2.05 lakh tons of sugar.

Crushing operations in all the other States have also begun and the pace of crushing is picking up. About 50 sugar mills are operating in other States who have produced 1.41 lakh tons in this season upto 30th November, 2019, which in the previous season was 2.21 lakh tons, when 60 mills were operating as on 30th November, 2018.

As per trade and market sources, about 15 lakh tons of sugar have been contracted for exports, which includes contracts made with port based refiners by sugar mills. Major destinations for sugar exports are Iran, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, African countries etc.

Comparison of sugar production In India between sugar season 2018-2019, upto November 30 and sugar season 2019-2020, upto November 30



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