Uttar Pradesh: Satta and Supply Policy for the crushing season 2021-22 issued


Commissioner, Cane and Sugar, Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy has issued the Cane supply and Satta policy for the crushing season 2021-22. On the basis of cane supply policy, detailed instructions have been given to Sugar Mills for supply of sugarcane and issuance of Ganna Purchie to Cane farmers of the State.

Shri Bhoosreddy said that in view of the interests of the farmers, this year many changes have been made in satta and supply policy issued by the Cane Development Department, mainly in the cases of land purchase and sale in basic quota transfer, free of cost application for increase in yield to “Uttam Ganna Kisan” as well as decisions regarding continuation of Satta in case the registered farmer member dies during the crushing season.

In this year’s Satta policy, the limit of Satta per farmer will be maximum 850 quintals for marginal farmers (up to 1 hectare), 1,700 quintals for small farmers(up to 2 hectare) and for 4,250 quintals for general farmers(up to 5 hectare) and in case of increase in yield, the maximum limit of Satta is 1350 quintals, 2700 quintals and 6750 quintals per farmer for marginal, small and general farmers respectively.

In order to maximize the cane supply of the supplier farmers, instructions have been given by the Department to consider the maximum average, from amongst the averages of 2, 3 & 5 years supply averages, as the basic quota of the farmers for crushing season 2021-22. Also, those farmers who have become new members in the crushing season 2020-21 and have supplied sugarcane for only one year, their one year sugarcane supply will be considered as basic quota. In the cases of land purchase and sale, the basic quota will also be transferable as per rules.

It was told by the Cane Commissioner that the farmers who have productivity heigher than the average yield of district, based on crop cutting results can submit their applications for increase in yield as per their requirement by 30th September, 2021 with prescribed fee. He also informed that this year the farmers who cultivate cane through Drip Irrigation System will be given priority in additional bonding and the rejected cane varieties will not be considered in the additional bonding. For additional bonding no amount will be deducted from the farmer as Administrative fee. The selected “Uttam Ganna Kisan” who have adopted trench method, inter-cropping and used Drip Irrigation on the same field can apply free of cost for increase in yield.

After the rectifications of error in survey at the society level Satta demonstration fairs, the final calendar will be made available online through the ERP website i.e. caneup.in and mobile app E-Ganna. The final calendar will be displayed on the mobile app for the farmers, one week before the Sugar mill starts its operations. A computerized Inquiry Terminal will be established at a accessible place to the farmers. In case of any special immediate problem related to cane supply occurs, then the District Cane Officer and Deputy Cane Commissioner will resolve the problem as per rules.

With a view to provide excellent facilities to the farmers under the Grievance Redressal System, a Control Room has been established at the headquarter level in which farmers can directly register their complaints on the toll free number 1800-121-3203 and can get the solution.

He also told that due to the demand of Cane farmers, it has also been decided in the Satta policy this year that if a registered farmer member dies during the crushing season, his Satta will remain operative in view of the timely supply of cane of the farmer. But this facility will be valid only for the current crushing season 2021-22. Soldiers, Paramilitary forces, Ex-Servicemen and Freedom Fighters and their legal heirs will be given priority in supply of cane when they provide certificates issued by the competent authorities.
The Commissioner said that the Satta Policy issued this year will encourage digitalization. Along with elimination of middlemen, only genuine farmers will get the benefit of cane supply and farmers will be able to supply their sugarcane to the Sugar Mill on time and farmers will be motivated to adopt improved cane varieties instead of rejected varieties.


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