We want to make every sugarcane belt of the country into an energy belt: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday in Meerut unveiled his Government’s ambitious plan to convert sugarcane belts into “energy belts.” Highlighting the potential of ethanol as a fuel source, Modi emphasised the need to diversify the usage of sugarcane beyond traditional products like sugar and jaggery.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Uttar Pradesh’s sugarcane belt, PM Modi said, “Friends, we don’t want to limit the sugarcane crop to sugar and jaggery. We want to make every sugarcane belt of the country into an energy belt.”

Modi underscored the significant increase in ethanol production from sugarcane over the past decade and outlined ongoing efforts to ramp up ethanol manufacturing for vehicle fuel. He stated that these initiatives have resulted in substantial financial benefits for sugarcane farmers, with around Rs 70,000 crore disbursed to them in the last ten years.

Furthermore, Modi criticised opposition governments for neglecting sugarcane farmers and failing to honour the legacy of former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh, a stalwart advocate for farmers’ rights.

With his vision to harness sugarcane’s potential for energy production, Modi aims to not only empower farmers but also contribute to India’s energy security and environmental sustainability.


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