Wrong information in declaration form may cause locking of Satta and stopping of cane price payment: Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy


Commissioner, cane and Sugar Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy told that, in order to simplify the complicated process of filling the online declaration form and keeping in mind the facilities of the farmers, the option of uploading “Khatauni” as a proof of land revenue has been stopped. If by misusing this facility, any chaotic element or cane mafia will deliberately fill wrong data in declaration form, then it will be easily identified by the software.

The Cane Commissioner has also made it clear the land records of the farmers will be matched with records of Revenue Department through API. If any farmer deliberately fills wrong data, in declaration form, may cause locking of Satta and stopping of cane price payment along with cancellation of membership. He also told that no supply ticket will be issued in case of locked Satta.

It should also be known that last five years important data of cane farmers is available in department and ERP software is capable to identify the farmers who will deliberately submit wrong data in declaration form.

By giving a clear message to the farmers, the Cane Commissioner said that stopping the mandatory uploading of “Khatauni” is a step taken by the department to facilitate farmers. In case of complaint after due verification then strict action will be taken by enforcement team to avoid manipulation in data.

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