Bijnor: Two sugar mills clear cane arrears around Rs 13.35 crore


Bijnor: Two sugar mills from the district have cleared the cane arrears around Rs 13.35 crore to the cane farmers.

According to the media report, District sugarcane officer Yashpal Singh said, “Seohara Sugar mill cleared cane arrears around Rs 10.64 crore and Barkatpur sugar mill has paid Rs 2.71 crore to sugarcane farmers.”

The administration is ensuring that the sugar mills clear pending cane arrears to sugarcane farmers. Cane growers claim that they are reeling under financial crisis and are unable to meet their daily needs and they need money to take up agricultural activities for the next crop and the millers should come out and help them during their crisis period.

The lockdown imposed by the government to prevent the spread of Coronavirus pandemic has also affected many sugar mills across India. Mills were unable to sell the sugar amid lockdown, due to which sugar stocks are piling up in godown. Lack of finance has affected the mills to clear cane arrears.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister on Friday said that a record cane price payment of more than Rs 1,00,000 crores have been paid between 2017-2020 to the 47.20 lakh sugarcane farmers in the state.

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