Daily Sugar Market Update By Vizzie – 01/01/2022


ChiniMandi, Mumbai: 1st January 2022

Announcement of Quota for the month January 2002

The Department of Food & Public Distribution announced 21.5 LMT monthly sugar quota for domestic sale in January 2022 with an extension of the December month’s quota for 30 days.

Domestic Market

The market was stable.

State wise prices today

◾ Maharashtra: S/30 Sugar rates from millers are ₹3200 to ₹3260/Qntl. whereas M/30 ₹3330 to 3360/Qntl.
◾ Karnataka : S/30 Sugar rates were ₹3275 to 3350/Qntl. whereas M/30 ₹3310 to 3400/Qntl.
◾ Uttar Pradesh: The rates for M/30 were at ₹3435 to 3470/Qntl.
◾ Gujarat: S/30 Sugar rates are ₹3265 to 3381/Qntl. whereas M/30 rates are at ₹3331 to 3481/Qntl.
◾ Tamil Nadu: S/30 Sugar rates are ₹3450 to 3525/Qntl. whereas M/30 rates are at ₹3500 to 3550/Qntl.

(All the above rates are excluding GST)



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