Maharashtra agriculture department suggests farmers to avoid early sowing


The Maharashtra Agricultural department has suggested farmers to avoid early sowing to prevent chances of seed wastage.

According to the news report published in, the department has advised farmers to undertake sowing only after their areas have received 80 mm to 100 mm rain.

Over the past few days, some parts of the state have received heavy to medium rainfall. The agricultural activities have geared up for the upcoming season.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, India is likely to receive normal rainfall this season. The Monsoon arrived over the Kerala coast on Tuesday and would arrive in Maharashtra soon.

As per the advisory, early sowing might lead to failure in germination due to insufficient soil moisture. Last year farmers had complained of the failure of germination of soybean seeds and one of the reasons cited was insufficient soil moisture. This year the department has taken steps to avoid such a situation.

It is expected that around 10 lakh hectare area will be under sugarcane cultivation in the upcoming season.


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