Now You Can Make Insurance Claims On Whatsapp


In a first for a life insurer, Bharti AXA Life Insurance has launched claim processing through WhatsApp. The company hopes to make claims submission hassle-free for customers who get the option of claim intimation by just sending a message through the instant messaging application.

“The prime responsibility of any life insurance company is to honour a valid claim in the need of the hour. By embracing a mobile instant messaging platform like WhatsApp, we are providing a prompt and a fresh service option to enhance comforts and benefits of our customers and improve customer-contactability, said Vikas Seth, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Bharti AXA Life Insurance.

He explained that the nominee has to text the company on its number available on WhatsApp for intimating claim. A dedicated team member will be accessing this number, and will send immediate response to the nominee.

Further, the nominee has to upload claim documents on a link which the claim team will be sharing with him/her. Bharti AXA Life Insurance will communicate its decision to the nominee on his/her WhatsApp number and will credit claim benefits to his/her bank account, if any.

The company has already processed several claims received through WhatsApp successfully.

Seth also added that the company is working to provide its customers with the option to avail policy delivery and policy servicing through WhatsApp.




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