Pakistan: Consumers face sugar shortage as retailers refuse to sell at government rate


Rawalpindi: Consumers are wandering in search of sugar as the retailers have refused to sell the commodity at a loss as per the price fixed by the government.

The shopkeepers have pasted notices informing consumers that they are not selling sugar or the commodity is not available with them.

The representatives of Rawalpindi General Stores Welfare Association have told the local media that when they are buying sugar at Rs 106 per kg from the wholesale market how they can sell sugar at Rs 85 in the shops. The local management is harassing them continuously by registering FIRs and imposing fines regularly hence they have decided to stop selling sugar, they said.

The local administration has increased sugar points in the city but only 15% of the population is being benefited by this. More than 80% of consumers could not get benefits of ‘Ramazan Sasta’ Bazaars and sugar points to purchase sugar.

Sharjeel Mir, president, All Pakistan Traders Association (Punjab) said, “How the retailers can sell the sugar at loss hence the sugar has vanished from the open market.”


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