Punjab farmers dissatisfied with compensation for crop loss

Jalandhar: Farmers in Punjab are expressing their discontent with the government’s compensation offer of Rs 6,800 per acre for the paddy seedlings lost during the floods in July and August, according to indianexpress.

They argue that this compensation is woefully inadequate, given the substantial losses incurred, not only in terms of their one-month-old crops but also the reduced yield resulting from the late sowing of fresh paddy seedlings. Many farmers claim to have suffered losses ranging from Rs 20,000 to Rs 70,000 per acre.

They have also stated that the government has not considered the damage to the sugarcane crop and has not provided any compensation for the same.

A farmer in Kapurthala district having 5.5 acres of land, had to replant his crops in August after the July floods. He incurred expenses of Rs 9,200 per acre for transplanting seedlings twice in the same field, covering labor charges of Rs 4,200 for the initial transplanting of a


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